The Great American Apparel Diet

no buying for one year

The Great American Apparel Diet, what is it?

neocell resultsWe are a group of women and two men who have decided to go on a diet of sorts.  A fast really.  We are completely eliminating  “new apparel” from our diets for one year.


Yes, the next time you see us sporting new tags it will be Sept. 2, 2010.


Sound easy?  Well think again. 


This is going to be a stretch for most of us.  You see, like most women we are attached to our wardrobes in some form or another.


In fact buying a new something-or-other is as natural as a dark chocolate pick-me-up.  We all have our reasons for embarking on this project but it all gets down to this… who are we without something hip and new in our closets?  We shall see.


Who are We?

We are women, with a couple men who have been brave enough to join.  We range in age from 18 to 73. We are a creative, with limitless abilities, curious, sometimes hilarious and educated lot of 300 members.  Many of us are self employed, business owners, creative thinkers, writers, producers, executives, lawyers, PHDs, mothers, wives, stepmothers, recessionistas, fashionistas, snowboarders, yogis, students, grandmothers, knitters, sewers and social mavens.  Some of us have recently lost our jobs while others are looking to change careers. Our shared interest?  We are all collectively reevaluating our habits- shopping habits in particular in order to get our review of those habits.


Some of us are motivated to curb our carbon footprint while others are more motivated to curb spending. Some are sick and tired of consumption in general while others are concerned about consumption and the environment.  Many of us want to share our trials and tribulations on the blog while others prefer to hang back and observe.   We hail from seventeen states in the U.S. and have grown internationally as a group hailing from Denmark, Italy, Germany, Croatia, Serbia, Qatar, Portugal, Canada and the UK.  The original twenty dieters specifically are from: Washington, California, Florida, Texas, Ohio, Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, Georgia, Tennessee, Illinois, North Carolina, Idaho, Maryland, Maine, Indiana, Colorado, Virginia, Canada and England.


Twenty of us started the diet Sept. 1st of 2009 with our numbers growing through the year and new members creating their own start dates on our site.  Our official second wave of dieters will be off and running Sept. 1st 2010 continuing the Great American Apparel Diet for another year.


Bottom line… this is a remarkable group of people who have come together to make a change.